Three-Digit Addition and Subtraction Worksheets



Three-Digit Addition and Subtraction With Regrouping introduces students to the skill of adding and subtracting three-digit numbers with regrouping and without regrouping.

It encourages students to use a variety of strategies to solve problems. So, The purpose of this product is to present different activities and practice pages which can help in reviewing or reinforcing three-digit addition and subtraction.

This packet includes directions and

• Three-digit addition using the place value of the numbers.

• Three-digit addition using ten-base blocks.

• Three-digit addition using Invented strategy.

• 8 flower task cards,8 answer cards,1 answer sheet.

• 20 vertical addition task cards,90 number mini task cards,2 answer sheets.

• Subtraction of three-digit numbers using place value.

• Subtraction of three-digit numbers using the ten-base blocks.

• 8 flower task cards, eight answer cards, one answer sheet.

• 20 vertical subtraction task cards, 90 number task cards, two answer sheets.