Fractions Worksheets No Preparation and A Free Comparing Activity

Fractions Worksheets no preparation includes printable worksheets that contain fraction concept, equal/non-equal parts, fractions on the number line, equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, and answer key.

Fractions Worksheets No Preparation covers :

Fraction concepts

  • What is the fraction?

Equal/non-equal parts

  • Write the number of parts. Equal or not equal parts.
  • Fill in the blank spaces. Write the fraction.
  • Color the fraction for each group.
  • Divide each shape into four equal parts.
  • Color three parts of each shape.
  • Write the fraction for each shape.
  • Shade each circle to show the fraction.
  • Write a fraction to represent the shaded part of each strip.
  • Show the fraction on each circle and each strip.
  • Draw and shade a part of a figure to represent the fraction.

Equivalent Fractions

  • Write the fraction for each strip and then complete each number sentence.
  • Complete each number sentence to find equivalent fractions.
  • Find each missing value.
  • Cut and paste the fractions at the correct place.
  • Cut and paste the circle at the correct place.

Fractions on the number line

  • Write the fraction marked by X on the number line.
  • Cut and paste the fractions to the correct place on each number line.
  • Show the fraction on each number line.
  • Cut and paste each circle at the correct place for each number line.

Comparing Fractions

  • Use the figures and strips to compare. Use >, = , < .
  • Represent the fractions on the number line.
  • Compare each pair of fractions. Use >,< ,or = .
  • the number line to compare. Use >, = , < .
  • Write >, < or = for each pair of fractions.

Answer Key

Fraction Worksheets packet is a great supplemental resource. It provides you with additional resources and practice to use with your fraction unit. 

This packet includes a variety of ways for kids to practice fractions and
lots of repetition for each skill and easy to navigate to find the activities.

Therefore your students will enjoy the Fraction no-preparation packet, and it helps many master fractions.

For instance, download this free fraction worksheet to check out this packet. 

Free Fraction Worksheet no preparation

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Click here or on the picture below to see the Complete Fraction Worksheets.

Free Fraction Worksheet no preparation

Fraction Worksheets No-Preparation

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Free Fraction Worksheet no preparation

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