Place Value Task Cards First Grade:Place Value Tens And Ones



Place Value Task Cards {Tens & Ones} has 48 task cards, answer sheet, and answer key for first grade.
You may use these task cards to help students to learn/practice their skills on place value on the ones, and the tens places. This is perfect for Grade 1 but may also be used as review material for Grade 2 students.

These place value task cards include:

1.Write the number in standard form.
2.What is the value of the underlined digit?
3.Write this number in expanded form.
4.Which digit is in the tens place?
5.Which digit is in the ones place?
6.Write this number in word form?
7.Write the digit that is in the place value written.
8.Write the larger number in expanded form.
9.Write the number. (Base-ten models)
10.Draw a model of the number.
11.What is 10 more than the number?
12.What is 10 less than the number?