Christmas Math Worksheets 1st Grade



Christmas Math Worksheets would be a great packet for reviewing math skills for first grade. This Christmas themed product contains 22 printable worksheets and you can print this packet and send it home as winter break homework!

This resource includes:

  1. Word Problem I
  2. Word Problem II
  3. Roll 2 dice, add them up, color all the ornaments, and then color the picture.
  4. Roll 3 dice, add them up, and color the picture.
  5. How many more you need to make 10.
  6. Circle the group of ten, and then complete the equation.
  7. Make a number bond.
  8. Use the 3 numbers to write 4 different facts.
  9. Cut and glue the gifts in the correct places
  10. Counting by 10.
  11. Count backward.
  12. Help Santa to collect the presents.
  13. Write the missing number in each box.
  14. Write the tens and ones, draw tally marks, and complete the sentences.
  15. Write an addition sentence for each set of models.
  16. Addition and Subtraction
  17. Double-Digit Addition.
  18. Double-Digit Subtraction.
  19. Write the number words.
  20. Draw hands on each clock.
  21. Cut out the star ruler and measure the Christmas trees.
  22. Geometry