Christmas Activities 2nd Grade – Math and Literacy Worksheets



Christmas Worksheets – Math and Literacy Second Grade includes 33 printable worksheets. This Christmas -themed packet is perfect to use in December and January!

This resource includes:

Operations & Algebraic Thinking

Word problems( 4 pages)
Odd , Even (1 page)

Number & Operations in Base Ten

Place value ( 2 pages)
Count by 5 ,10 ,100 (1 page)
expanded form, word form, and base ten model ( 3 pages)
Compare each set of numbers. ( 1 page)
Addition / subtraction (3 pages)

Measurement & Data

Measurement (1 pages)
Draw the hands on each clock.(1 page)
Money (1 pages) -2.MD.C.8
Graph & money (1 pages)


Geometry (3 pages)


Use collective nouns (1 page)
Irregular plural nouns (1 page)
Reflexive pronouns (1 page)
Past tense of irregular verbs (1 page)
Adjectives and adverbs(1 page)
Unscramble a sentence(1 page)
Capitalization (2 pages)
Use an apostrophe to form contractions-(1 page)
ABC order (1 page)
Compound words-(1 page)


Narrative writing-(1 page)