1st Grade Math Worksheets



1st Grade Math Worksheets includes 52 printable worksheets that cover every First Grade Math Common Core. This product is great for reinforcing math skills. Use them for independent morning work, centers, seat work, or homework.

Math worksheets include:

Number & Operations In Base Ten


Counting to 120.(4 Pages)

Fill in the missing number in each row.

Highlight the numbers 30 to 60 in order.

Count Backwards.

What comes next in each acorn?

Number of objects(Count the tally marks and then Write the numbers in the apples).(1 page)

Number words(Read the number words and write the numbers).(1 page)

Place Value.(5 pages)

Write the correct number of tens and ones in the puzzles.

Using Tens and Ones Spinners.

Count the dots, write the number of dots, and then write the equation and number.

Order 2-digit numbers.(1 page)

Comparing 2-digit numbers.(1 page)

Add 2-digit number and 1-digit number.(2 pages)

Without regrouping

With regrouping

One more, One less, Ten more, Ten less.(1 page)

Addition (Add the numbers, and color the pilgrim and pumpkin based on the key.(1 page)

Place Value , One more, One less, Ten more, Ten less.(1 page)

Operations & Algebraic Thinking


Word problems.(3 pages)

Addition of 3 whole numbers.(1 page)

Make Ten.(2 pages)

Missing Number.(3 pages)

Addition.(3 pages)

Subtraction.(3 pages)

Addition and Subtraction.(4 pages)

Meaning of the equal sign.(2 pages)

Measurement & Data


Longer Than or Shorter Than.(1 page)

Write the number of inches.(2 pages)

Which alligator is taller.(1 page)

Compare the length.(1 page)

Write the number of paper clips.

Tell and write the time .(3 pages)

Interpret data.(2 pages)



Find the shapes.(1 page)

attributes of the shapes.(1 page)