Chevron Calendar-Chevron Classroom Decor


Transform your classroom into a chevron-themed wonderland with the Chevron Calendar-Chevron Classroom Decor! This pack includes everything you need to keep your students organized and engaged throughout the year. With 12 monthly headers featuring adorable owls, “Today is”, “Yesterday was”, and “Tomorrow will be” cards, days of the week cards in two sizes, number cards in two sizes, and weather cards for snowy, sunny, rainy, and cloudy days in two sizes, you’ll have everything you need to create a dynamic and functional classroom calendar.

The Chevron Calendar-Chevron Classroom Decor is perfect for teachers who want to add a pop of pattern to their classroom while also keeping their students on track. The cards are designed to be easy to read and use, making it simple for even the youngest learners to participate in daily calendar activities. Plus, with the option to choose between two sizes for each set of cards, you can customize the calendar to fit your specific classroom needs.

If you’re looking for a fun and functional way to add some personality to your classroom, look no further than the Chevron Calendar-Chevron Classroom Decor. So why wait? Download the preview today to see what’s included and get started on transforming your classroom into a chevron-themed oasis!