Printable Bulletin Board Borders Rainbow Bright Classroom Decor Back To School


Looking to add some color and personality to your classroom? Look no further than these Printable Bulletin Board Borders in Rainbow Bright Classroom Decor! This pack comes with 9 different border options, all featuring vibrant and cheerful rainbow themes. Each page includes three border pieces, so you can choose your favorite color and print as many pages as you need. Then simply cut and assemble to create a unique look for your classroom bulletin board.

These borders are not only visually appealing but also practical and easy to use. Plus, they’re the perfect complement to our Bright Rainbow Teacher Toolbox Labels (check them out by clicking the link above!).

With these Printable Bulletin Board Borders, your classroom will be transformed into a welcoming and inspiring space that will delight both students and teachers alike. Order now to experience the magic of rainbow-themed decorations!