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  • 3rd Grade Fractions Worksheets


    Fractions For Third Grade includes 21 printable worksheets that cover • Identifying fractions • Fractions in a set • Equal parts • Fractions on the number-line • Equivalent fractions • Cut and paste fractions • Comparing fractions

  • 3rd Grade Multiplication Unit


    These no-prep Multiplication worksheets are perfect for introducing multiplication. It covers arrays, repeated addition, number line, and equal groups. Use this packet to help introduce early multiplication skills to your students. Here’s what’s included in this unit: Repeated addition. Equal groups. Number-line. Arrays. Color by the code. Write the multiplication equation. Solve multiplication problems in…

  • 5th Grade Fraction Review : Mixed Numbers And Improper Fractions


    This resource contains 27 worksheets that cover proper fraction review, improper fraction, comparing fractions, mixed number concept, adding and subtracting fractions, converting improper fractions to mixed numbers, and converting mixed numbers to improper fractions. The answer key also included! This product is perfect for the students in fifth grade and also you can use this…

  • Addition and Subtraction Activities – QR Code Math Task Cards


    This bundle contains four products QR CODES:{2-digit Addition With Aliens,3-digit Subtraction With Birds, Two-digit Subtraction With Owls,3-digit Addition In Space}.This product includes 128 task cards for reviewing and practicing addition and subtraction. You can find the descriptions for each product here: Click {here} to view QR CODE: Fractions with Bunny Belly Task Cards. Click {here}…

  • Addition and Subtraction Task Cards : QR Code Math Task Cards {FREEBIE}


    QR CODE: Freebie has four pages and each page is a sample from my QR CODES{2-digit Addition With Aliens,3-digit Subtraction With Birds, Two-digit Subtraction With Owls,3-digit Addition In Space}.This product contains 16 task cards for practicing addition and subtraction.  

  • Addition And Subtraction Word Problems Within 20


    Addition and Subtraction Word Problems allow your students to apply what they’ve learned in math class to real-world situations. This product is perfect for reinforcing students in First Grade or as a general review in Second Grade at the beginning of the year.    

  • Addition and Subtraction worksheets Within 20


    These fun Addition and Subtraction worksheets will help your students with addition and subtraction facts. This no-prep packet is perfect for math centers, independent practice, homework, or for use in small groups. This resource contains: Addition using color the objects. Subtraction using color the objects. Addition using the tally marks. Subtraction using the tally marks….

  • Addition Up to 20 Worksheets – 1st Grade Math Worksheets


    Addition Up to 20 contains 74 pages to practice addition problems. Each worksheet includes three parts for understanding the concept of addition. Students can solve addition problems using drawing the object and blank number line.  

  • All About Numbers 21-40 + Assessment – Numbers To 40 Worksheets


    ALL ABOUT Numbers 21-40 + Assessment is designed to cover all topics in numbers 21-40. This packet includes 20 practice worksheets,3 assessment worksheets, and answer key. Each practice worksheet contains 12 activities, and assessment worksheets include 14 activities that you can evaluate if your students have understood what you have taught. Practice Worksheet activities =========================…