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  • Daily Math Review 1st Grade

    1st Grade Morning Work – YEARLONG Math Spiral Review – Bundle


    Morning Work Math Review 1st Grade includes worksheets with a variety of problems that are reviewed on one page. These yearlong warm-up worksheets are designed for practicing and reviewing the math skills for grade 1. Each practice page contains 8-11 problems. They give your kids a chance to revise concepts that they have been taught…

  • 2D and 3D Shapes Task Cards


    2D and 3D Shapes Task Cards First Grade has 40 task cards, an answer sheet, and an answer key for first grade. You may use these task cards to help students to learn/practice their skills in geometry. This is perfect for Grade 1 but may also be used as review material for Grade two students.  

  • 2nd Grade Math Assessments


    2nd Grade Math Assessments includes 21 worksheets that cover every 2nd-grade math Common Core. Use these worksheets as math assessments for your second graders. They also work well as morning work, homework, practice work to review all of the Common Core standards. The answer key is included!!

  • 2nd Grade Math Worksheets


    2nd Grade Math Worksheets includes 54 printable worksheets that cover every Second Grade Math Common Core. This product is great for reinforcing math skills. Use them for independent morning work, centers, seat work, or homework. Math worksheets include: Operations & Algebraic Thinking =================== Word problems( 5 pages) Make ten.(3 pages) Odd , Even (1 page)…

  • 2nd Grade Math Worksheets-Number and Operations in Base Ten


    Number and Operations in Base Ten 2nd Grade worksheets are designed to cover every second grade Numbers and Operation Standard and Substandard. This packet includes 20 practice worksheets with 20 activities, one common core Number & Operations in Base Ten checklist, and one worksheet with labels that identify the Common Core Math Standard covered in…

  • 2nd Grade Place Value Worksheets


    Place Value Worksheets 2nd Grade contains 24 practice worksheets and 8 mixed reviews.This set includes activities for hundreds, tens, and ones.Place Value Worksheets is designed to give your students a deeper understanding of place value with a different type of activities. A deeper understanding of place value will help your students with addition and subtraction…

  • 3rd Grade Fractions Game – I have! Who Has?


    Fraction Game. I have! Who Has? includes 20 fraction game cards. This set is limited to fractions with denominators 2,3,4,6,8 aligned with common core standards for 3rd grade.”I have! Who has?” is a fun game for students to review fractions.  

  • 3rd Grade Fractions Task Cards QR Codes


    Fractions Task Cards With QR CODE contains 36 task cards. Each task card has a figure and students can write the fraction for the shaded part of each figure on the answer sheet and then scanning the QR code to check their answer. This product is appropriate for reviewing and reinforcing the fractions.  

  • 3rd Grade Fractions Unit : Equivalent Fractions , Comparing Fractions


    Fractions Worksheets no preparation includes 29 printable worksheets that cover • Fraction Concept • Equal/non-equal parts • Fractions on the number line • Equivalent fractions • Comparing fractions • Answer Key