How to Use Boom Cards Free In Your Classroom?

Have you ever used Boom Cards?

If you haven’t used Boom Cards before, try them now, they are AMAZING.

Boom Cards are digital task cards that would be great on laptops, desktops, Chromebooks, tablets, or other mobile devices to access the internet.

You can even use them on your SmartBoard.

The Boom Cards’ best part is that they are self-grading and allow you to track student progress. 

Plus, they’re no prep, which means no printing, laminating, or storage.

You can always use Boom Cards for free by using the Fast Play option. 

What is the Fast Play option?

The Fast Play option allows you to create a link and send it to students.

This option doesn’t record students’ answers, But if you need to track their progress, you can upgrade your account for a small fee.

Open a free account on Boom Learning and then use the Fast Play option to send the students’ link.

With your free account, use Boom Cards for 5 students or 5 groups of students whom you have assigned differentiated assignments.

You’ll always be able to use the Fast Play option for free even after your trial period ends.

As the teacher, get data as students complete decks and use the Boom Cards on computers, tablets, and other mobile devices for free.

For purchasing Boom Cards, you can buy them from Teachers Pay Teachers or Boom Learning. 

Click on the Free and Paid Boom Decks below.

Digital task cards on the Boom Learning website include drag and drop sight word sentences for pre-primer sight word practice. Click Here to Access Sight Words pre-primer Sentences
Three-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping and without regrouping. Aligned to the common core 2.NBT.B.7.Click Here to Access three-digit addition and subtraction Boom Cards.
Place Value Boom Cards .Aligned to the common core. CCSS1.NBT.B.3CCSS1.NBT.B.2c,CCSS1.NBT.B.2b,CCSS1.NBT.B.2a. Click Here To Access Place Value Boom Cards.
Alphabet Activities Boom Cards include Four Sets: Alphabet lowercase and uppercase Letter Matching, Letter Recognition, and
find the beginning sound of the word. Click Here To Access Alphabet Activities Boom Cards.
Double Digit Addition and Subtraction Boom Cards. Aligned to the common core. 1.NBT.C.4. Click Here To Access Double Digit Addition and Subtraction Boom Cards.
Use these FREE Sight Words Boom Cards to help your children find and recognize sight words. Click Here To Access FREE Sight Words Boom cards.

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Are you looking to use Boom Cards free in your classroom? Click through to download a free sight words Boom Cards and an easy guide to using this Boom deck for free. Also, You can check out double-digit addition and subtraction, three-digit addition and subtraction, Alphabet activities, Boom cards, and many more!

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