Addition and Subtraction Word Problems In Winter

Winter addition and Subtraction Word Problems

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems In Winter allows your students to apply what they’ve learned in math class to real-world situations. It is aligned with the common core state standards 1.OA.1 and 1.OA.2.

This product is perfect for reinforcing students in the first grade or as a general review in second grade.

Use these addition and subtraction word problems in your classroom for morning work, math warm up, early finishers, or homework during January!

These story problems help you engage your students during winter season.

This packet includes:


– 1.OA.1

Addition word problems Pages:3-7

Subtraction word problems Pages:8-12

– 1.OA.2

word problems 3 addends Pages:13-15

Free Addition and Subtraction Word Problems- Winter worksheets.#math

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Addition and Subtraction Word Problems- Winter worksheets.

Winter Word Problems

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Addition and Subtraction Word Problems- Winter worksheets.#math#worksheets

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