Three-Digit Addition : QR CODE Task Cards

Three-digit Addition: QR CODE Task Cards contains 32 task cards.

Each task card has an addition problem and students can solve these problems using 2 answer sheets and then scan the QR code to check their answer.

This product is appropriate for reviewing and reinforcing 3-digit addition with regrouping and without regrouping.

Most Smartphones will have a barcode scanner as an app which will read QR codes. For the desktop, you can also install a little bit of software that will use a webcam to read the codes.


This QR Code thee-digit addition station will give your students practice adding problems with three-digit numbers with regrouping and without regrouping. Click on the picture to check out this helpful task cards.#threedigit#addition#taskcards#math


If you like this resource, you may find it HERE .


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