Christmas Worksheets For 2nd Grade and a Freebie

Free Christmas Math Worksheets 2nd Grade

Christmas Worksheets For 2nd Grade – Math and Literacy includes printable worksheets that meet Common Core standards for Second Grade.

This Christmas -themed packet is perfect to use through December and January!

This resource includes:

  • Operations & Algebraic Thinking
  • Word problems( 4 pages)-2.OA.A.1
  • Odd, Even (1 page) – 2.OA.C.3
  • Number & Operations in Base Ten
  • Place value ( 2 pages)-2.NBT.A.1
  • Count by 5,10 ,100 (1 page) – 2.NBT.A.2
  • Expanded form, word form, and base ten models ( 3 pages)-2.NBT.A.3
  • Compare each set of numbers. ( 1 page) -2.NBT.A.4-2.NBT.A.3
  • Addition/subtraction (3 pages)-2.NBT.B7

Measurement & Data

  • Measurement (1 pages) -2MD.A.1
  • Draw the hands on each clock.(1 page)-2.MD.C7
  • Money (1 pages) -2.MD.C.8
  • Graph & money (1 pages)-2.MD.C.8 , 2.MD.D.10


  • Geometry (3 pages) -2.G.A.1-2.G.A.3


  • Use collective nouns (1 page)- L.2.1.A
  • Irregular plural nouns (1 page)- L.2.1.B
  • Reflexive pronouns (1 page) -L.2.1.C
  • The past tense of irregular verbs (1 page) -L.2.1.D
  • Adjectives and adverbs(1 page) – L.2.1.E
  • Unscramble a sentence(1 page) L.2.1.F
  • Capitalization (2 pages)-L.2.2.A
  • Use an apostrophe to form contractions-(1 page)-L.2.2.C
  • ABC order (1 page) -L.2.2.E
  • Compound words-(1 page)-L2.4.D


  • Narrative writing-(1 page)-W.2.3

For instance, download this free printable Christmas math practice page:

Free Christmas Math Worksheets 2nd Grade . Three digit subtraction

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This freebie is a sample of Christmas Worksheets math Literacy 2nd grade.

You can grab this resource Here Or from the picture below:

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No Prep Christmas Math and Literacy worksheets is a great packet to engage your students in Christmas holidays! Your students will enjoy the holiday theme while reinforcing math and literacy skills! Perfect for 2nd grade#math#literacy#Christmas

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