Chevron Classroom Jobs 

Classroom jobs are an easy and fun way to teach students about responsibility.This product contains classroom jobs and their descriptions, classroom job application, job cards, editable job cards, editable student name tags and the title poster “Our Jobs” for your board.

This set helps you to design a classroom job program and also helps students to apply for a classroom job.

This product includes the editable parts, and the other one contains:

1. Classroom job list(Editable)

2. Classroom job application

****Job Cards****

1. Calendar Caption

2. Line Leader

3. Bathroom Monitor

4. Chair Stacker

5. Caboose

6. Recycler

7. Substitute

8. Pencil Monitor

9. Supply Monitor

10. Lunch Monitor

11. Weather reporter

12. Trash helper

13. Table washer

14. Sweeper

15. Messenger

16. Plant Helper

17. Paper Collector

18. Librarian

19. Door holder

20. Teacher Assistant

21. Energy monitor

22. Chalkboard eraser

23. Attendance monitor

24. Flag holder

25. Blank job cards {20 editable job cards}

26. Blank student name tags {12 editable student name tags}

27. Poster “Our Jobs”

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