Easter Math and Literacy Worksheets

Easter math and literacy worksheets

Easter Math and Literacy Worksheets Print and Go contain a wide variety of activities. So your students will love these Easter-themed math and literacy activities.

There are 12 math pages and 14 literacy pages. Easter Math and Literacy Print and Go is perfect for first and second students.

Math Skills

  • Counting.
  • Subtraction in carrot Field.
  • Bunny Addition!
  • Bunny Place Value.
  • Counting By 100,10,5,1,2
  • Time to Easter
  • Comparing Numbers
  • Easter Fractions
  • Numbers
  • Odd or Even
  • Word Problem
  • Trace the picture. Roll 3 dice, etc.

Literacy Skills

  • Easter Word Search
  • Scrambled Words
  • Long vowel sound(ee,ai,oo,ie)
  • Short vowel sound(a,i,e,o)
  • ABC order.
  • Color by the code. (Adjective, Noun )
  • Color by the code. (Verb, Adjective)
  • Contractions
  • Word Family (-eat,-est,-all)
  • Word Family (-ing,-ight,-ink)
  • Compound words. (2 pages)
  • Bunny Syllables*Writing Prompt

For instance, download this free printable Easter Literacy practice page:

Free Easter Activity - The whole packet includes the printable math and literacy worksheets to use with elementary classroom or homeschool students.#Math #Worksheets #printable

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This freebie is part of a complete Easter Math And Literacy Worksheets

Click HERE to grab the complete Easter Math And Literacy Worksheets

Check out these Easter Activities For First Grade. You get the printable math and literacy worksheets to use with elementary classroom or homeschool students.#Math #Worksheets#easter #printable

If you like this resource, you may find it HERE or the picture below.

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